Chronic Pain Educational Videos
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Chronic Pain Educational Videos

Reign of Pain

by Dr Howard Schubiner, MD 

The mind body relationship is a factor in some chronic pain. What are the causes and possible treastments for Chronic pain? Chronic pain can be devastating but some categories of people can be helped with taking a different approach first developed by Dr. Sarno.

Neural Pathways

by Alan Gordon; The Pain Psychology Centre 

Understand how neural pathways develop and change due to learning, stress and trauma leading to chronic pain.

Watch the full 4 part video series here

Explaining chronic pain: The role that stress plays and the creation of learned nerve pathways

by Dr Howard Schubiner, MD 

Dr. Howard Schubiner discusses how chronic pain can be devastating, but that it is often not what it seems. Pain can be caused by tissue damage, however many people with chronic pain have no tissue damage. Their pain is caused by learned nerve pathways which are explained in this video. Stress and emotional reactions to stressful life events can produce nerve pathways of pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Learned nerve pathways can be reversed as described in this video.

David Clarke, MD, President of the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA)

David Clarke, MD talks about:

1. His expertise in Mind-Body Medicine

2. Stress Illness (aka Psychophysiologic Disorder, Mind-Body Syndrome or Tension Myoneural Syndrome)

3. Addresses the Skepticism about Stress Illness/PPD

4. About the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA)

5. Why you should support the PPDA Association

Visit the PPDA website here

This Might Hurt-Documentary

by Dr Howard Schubiner, MD 

This Might Hurt is an intimate vérité film that follows three chronic pain patients who have spent years trying to cure their illness through modern medicine. Desperate for relief, they enter a mind-body medicine program that focuses on uncovering buried trauma at the root of their suffering and retraining their brains to turn off pain.

All The Rage-Documentary

by Dr John Sano

Using a first-person approach to explore the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection between emotions and health. Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film offers a profound rethink of how we approach our health care.

Visit the PPDA website here

PPD Association Online Course

by PPD Association 

This course teaches successful management of symptoms linked to psychosocial stress (Psychophysiologic Disorders or PPD). The concepts that will be presented can transform these patients from among the most frustrating to among the most rewarding. A majority of patients with chronic pain, medically unexplained symptoms, chronic functional syndromes and many who fail to respond as expected to treatment can achieve far better than their usual outcomes.