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Connecting You to Your Chronic Pain Cure

Being free of chronic pain is a journey.

Chronic Pain Consultant, Lisa Branigan helps you map your  pathway to a pain free life!

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Chronic Pain
Consultant Educator Counselor

Providing you with ...........

* Education on the true causes of chronic pain

**** Space to tell your pain story/journey

* Clarity about why you are stuck in your process of recovery


* Collaboration to create a chronic pain cure pathway

* Links to chronic pain recovery tools and resources 

* Support, coaching, and mentoring as you action your pain cure pathway

* Referral to other support practitioners as needed

Easily Accessible and Affordable Private  Zoom Sessions


* Initial private 75-minute zoom session USD$89

* Ongoing private 60-minute zoom sessions (if required) USD$69


*** Package sessions: Includes an initial private 75-minute zoom session; 4 x private 60-minute zoom sessions and unlimited email support over 5 weeks plus a pain pathway plan to resolve your symptoms. 

ONLY USD$235 (this is a 20% discount on individual payments of sessions) ***

Why are my fees so reasonable?


I am here to help you resolve your symptoms. The fee is not a reflection of my knowledge, training, or experience. Actually, clients only pay after the initial session so I can be sure I am the right fit for their situation.  If I think someone else can serve you better I will refer you to another practitioner. 

My preferred way of working is to do at least 4 zoom sessions with you over 4 weeks, starting with the longer initial session. It takes time for me to get to know someone and why they are 'stuck' in their pain journey.  It takes time for you to feel comfortable with me to open up with the truth and to trust me with that truth. 

After the 4+ sessions, I like to create a plan or pathway for you to resolve your symptoms. This will entail a referral to a practitioner that works in the specific area of help you may need. For example, you may have more trauma than you initially realised so need more specific help with that, you may be more stuck in the thought of your pain being physical so need a PT or MD/GP type coach, you might really suppress your emotions so need to release those with an EAET (Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy) therapist or maybe you have trouble with brain retraining so need a PRT (Pain Reprocessing Therapy) therapist. My job is to work out what you need and to direct you to the right tools, resources, or practitioner/s to resolve your symptoms. 

My job is not to cure you, that is your job, but I will do everything in my power to assist you in your recovery journey!


About Me

Lisa Branigan

Pain Consulant Educator

I have been coaching, training, consulting and mentoring for over 20 years but more importantly I was a chronic pain suffer for over 10 years.

After the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that had no cure. The constant pain and fatigue could supposedly only be "managed" with drugs. I have been in remission for more than 8 years!

While this made me happy it also left me with the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia that also supposedly could only be "managed" with drugs, There was also supposedly no known cure.
I felt I couldn't win a trick!

After 10 years of chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog and IBS, my research into the latest science on pain lead me to my cure. 

Don't get me wrong it was not a quick fix or simple cure. It took education and work to undo the mess I had gotten into. It was a journey but living a life free of chronic pain and fatigue was worth the effort. 

I knew I had to share my experience, knowledge and cure with other chronic pain suffers so they could get back to living a real life!

Stop just existing and let me work with you to find your pathway to cure!

Chronic Pain Cure

Interested in starting your painfree journey?

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The first step to your cure is education.

Chronic Pain Educational Resources

Never accept the diagnosis of your pain being "all in your head."

No true chronic pain medical professional will give you that diagnosis.


"I enjoyed coaching with Lisa and found it well worth the investment. 


Lisa is easy to talk to, reliable, accessible and a really effective coach and sounding board.  She challenges you in a supportive way to do more than you thought you could, and she has a knack for reflecting your thought processes back to you in a way that gives you new insight. 


This is enormously helpful long after the  sessions end!" 

Janice Fenton

When I first started my Life Coaching with Lisa I felt my life had no direction. I was going through the motions of life without any clear goal or purpose. From our first session together I started to get excited about all the

possibilities that were out there. Over the 3  months we worked together I learned more about myself than I had ever imagined.


I loved the homework tasks Lisa set and even

though sometimes I had to "step out of my comfort zone" I really enjoyed each challenge. With her support, I was able to find out who I was and what I wanted.


Thank you Lisa for encouraging me to improve the things about myself that I wanted to change.

Josie Adams

I am writing to let you know that you helped change my life. After I'd had those sessions with you, I created the circumstances that took me from being a meaningless black hole to a star performer.

I would like to recommend you to anyone who's in need of some guidance, no matter how lost or despairing they are. Please use my testimonial.


I have recommended you to friends. I have Tweeted you and written about you on my blog. This is my way of saying thank you. You truly do not know the difference those short sessions made.

Amanda Markham


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